Past students say ...

You guys are AWESOME!! Thank you for everything from the Tim Tams to your support and love and smiles! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

- Joanne Strathfield Girls

“Thank you for your time and effort. You have helped me achieve a lot and I thank you!”

- Phillip; Sydney Boys High

“The Study Lounge is a good, relaxing atmosphere that has many helpful leaders. I enjoyed chatting and talking to university students which gave me and other year 12ers a better understanding of life after school.”

- Tim; Christian Community High

“Thank you for the awesome support and help. The Study Lounge provides us year 12s with not only HSC resources but also love and care!”

- Veronica; Burwood Girls High

I was looking for a suitable studying environment, free from distractions, and then I stumbled across study lounge. Unlike my home or the local library, study lounge provided a friendly and relaxing, yet motivational, place to study.

What will I do without the friendly and extremely helpful uni students who gave up their free time to help us? They were also resourceful, providing us with textbooks and past papers which are essential for our success!

Last but not least…-drum roll-…FREE FOOD!! No food loving year12 students out there should miss this rare opportunity!! =D”

– Johnathan; Ashfield Boys

“Free Food, Free Tutoring and Free Study books…. What can I say Study Lounge is like a year 12 students heaven.

The Tutors are very resourceful and always offering their help. I always get heaps of study done when I go and still manage to meet heaps of new friends every time. The University students are extremely nice and are always up for a conversation about university.

The Study Lounge is the place for you its the perfect balance between fun and study. I can never thank you enough for the awesome time I’ve had with you guys!”

- Dario Gaggioli (The White Guy) 2010 =]

“Coming to the Study Lounge has surpassed my expectations of a free study area. I always look forward to coming to the Study Lounge on Fridays because of the difficulties in getting a space at the library, or just being distracted at home. However, I never expected to make friends with the lovely leaders and volunteers. They’ve really helped me relax during my studies and offer their (conflicting…hehe) perspectives on university life. It already feels like a small community and I’m becoming very attached to it!”

- Sami; Fort Street High School

“From the welcoming crayon drawings at the front gate to the optimal atmosphere inside; Study Lounge has become a great benefit for me in the past few months.

The awesome mentors that I have been working with has been really helpful; providing study tips, answering questions or simply just encouraging me to not give up. My confidence and motivation has improved ever since and I’m grateful for their influence.

Thank you for your support over the past couple months, you’ve inspired me in so many ways.”

- Ian; Christian Brothers Lewisham

“The place is NOTHING like the libraries in downtown Burwood or Strathfield!

The Study Lounge provides me with a supportive and peaceful environment to study. The tutors are always coming up to help us in our studies, just yesterday three different tutors helped to make 6 of my essays! What would I do without their help? The Study Lounge also provides us with past papers to practice our exams, free food, and the best part – meeting new people! How good is that!

I have made a lot of friends during the time i’ve been to Study Lounge, and have received the help I need for the HSC.

I suggest that you come along. Tell me does the library give you free food, resources and supportive friendship? I don’t think so!

- Thiha; Homebush Boys High

“Thank you for all your support and help! You are amazing people and it has been great to know you guys!”